Ottawa Neighbourhood Shops and Stores

spas in ottawa

Ottawa is a great city to find many colourful small shops and stores. While large bix box store chains may dominate most malls and the suburbs the Ottawa centre areas has many small establishments.
Most of these serve not only their immediate neighbourhood but many others from all areas in Ottawa.
There are hundreds of pubs, restaurants, diners and cafes for those looking for a great place to eat out or meet someone. There are local theatres, even some tiny, one room cinemas that offer a unique atmosphere.

spas in Ottawa

There are excellent spas in Ottawa. as well as many salons. The main centrally located shopping streets are Bank street, Elgin, Rideau and Wellington. All of these wonderful avenues offer a huge number of small and often family owned shops from book stores to bakeries.
Ottawa certainly has a lot of entertainment and shopping opportunities to offer its residents and visitors.






September 18, 2016